From Father to Son

My Son, I your Father in my rest beginning this date without the possibility of putting off any action required will surely satisfy the longing or craving for all that I promised.

 I begin eight days of divine manifestations and changes transferring the State of Colorado under your sovereign jurisdiction, the Executive and Director Staff into your service, a large number or quantity of Kingdom Family members, the requested money produced by the First Act of God and the publication of our books.

 Physical power measured by purchasing power, spiritual power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior, and the tithes of all as a natural source of computable wealth or revenue all at your command or disposal.

 My being present in your body supplying the natural power I put into the movement of blood through the vessels of your body, and I cause or facilitate the beginning of the direct transferring of that blood from you to each approved Kingdom Family member by the appearance of your face supplying everlasting life to all granted my full exemption and immunity.

 Acknowledge your responsibility and recognize that which you are expected by the Kingdom Family and required by me to do, the right of governing and controlling the planet Earth by the sovereign supreme power and authority I delegated in the first book of the Bible dealing with the creation is entrusted and given to you this date by me, joyously unrestrained the whole of my kingly duties I attached or bound to you forever hereafter.

Clinging to moral and ethical principles telling the truth habitually you are free from mistakes in action or speech, belief in anything untrue, holding mistaken opinions, and behavior or action that is wrong, evil, or blameworthy. 

Your Infinite Mind sends my Spirit from your body commanded to return in material form exactly as expected by you and required by me, said in spirit that I bear witness to the truth or validity of your will now occurring, being realized, or supposed to have already happened, necessary power to do all things performed by and existing in the expectant mental attitude of the Son of God.

Yield to the divine condition of your perfect Mind in which your normal personality is replaced by that of one who exercises authority, dominion, and sovereignty over the universe for me, the personality of the Eternal Kingship that belongs to me.

Done by my design now existing, lasting, enduring, permanent, and eternal, executed and delivered as of the date shown above is my everlasting harmony in feeling with all your views, judgments, or appraisals connected or associated with any situation, state, affair, or business, no matter what. 

I am responsible for the trust and belief in the reliability of all written by you, your divinely inspired utterances will happen or be done by me within the three-day agreement coming immediately after your asking for all to be given or done.

On this day successfully concluded in the mind of each person qualified to receive sacred revelations I withdrew from service, got rid of, put an end to all judgments, opinions, or beliefs designed or working to escape notice, knowledge, or observation of the Doctrine of Peace, Kingdom Family Treasure House, and Book of Life.

Your newly made, obtained, and arrived power of attracting attention to you through treating or affecting all human beings equally is put completely into effect in you by me this date.

Enjoying civil and political independence and freedom from outside domination, personal interest or advantage, any preconceived opinion or feeling either favorable or unfavorable, or the unfair favoring of one person or group over others, from this moment forward in time continue to be and live in this permanent and inseparable complimentary set of attributes for all to see, look at, or conceive of, regarding you highly or favorably with respect or admiration.

As Son of Almighty God you are authorize to hear devout petitions to or any form of spiritual communion with God and to determine the reason or motive for the prayer, in my stead make decisions wisely in matters permitted by law but inferior to your moral or ethical qualities of honesty and courage. 

As Supreme Being you must prevail over the small minded established manner in conducting the business of governing causing resentful displeasure within our family concerned only with the government’s own interest not furnishing help, aid, or support wanted or needed by the people.

You are sent by me to bring back the right ways of acting by improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, or unsatisfactory in accordance with what is good, proper, or just, to procure through Kingdom Family Treasure House efforts the setting right of what is wrong, and with money given by me and received by you keep the mind and spirit of each Kingdom Family member from giving way by establishing earnings, salary, wages sufficient to furnish the necessities and modest comforts of life. 

By this authoritative communication issued in my name directed under seal, assemble to duty the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., to support the pressure of this summons receive an exceedingly large fortune to ease the heavy weight carried by you.

Go from South Fork to Pagosa Springs moving with haste, I hasten the occurrence by a series of Acts of God directed to that end, and by providing money immediately due I transfer to the entire Chapman family the exclusive right to enjoy the pieces of real estate under consideration with an abundance of valuable material possessions.

The completeness of situations or occurrences, divine events that appears in the United States of America during the next three days, perceive with your eyes, look attentively to see what is done, happens, and become aware of these special revelations of my Power.

I caused to pass this date, giving up or handing over to you all that the power of God is designed and intended to do, completely dependable, inexhaustible, endless, not going astray or missing the mark, undeviatingly accurate, unfailingly right, unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped.

Determined by your request for performance of the three-day agreement accepted, recognized, and empowered by me assume the duty of Chief Executive Officer immediately attending to building the temporary headquarters of the Kingdom Family Treasure House and receive willingly into an everlasting relationship with me all people of the United States of America.

I spread over the entire Chapman family dedicated to their purpose the Anointing Oil of Gladness not to be made different or modified in any way or brought to destruction or ruin, conforming absolutely to the description or definition written in the Doctrine of Peace and Book of Life.

Put into action, direction, regulation, and coordination of business activities, guidance and supervision of action or conduct of the corporation, power to produce effects on others by intangible or indirect means, continuous sovereign authority over the United States of America controlling and directing the making and administration of policy, supreme power and authority over my whole creation is given to clothe you with all which is due by my guarantees, ownership, right of possession or disposal of anything on the Earth

Powers beyond what is usual, ordinary, or established, unusually superior, internally known I plan and fashion for your use, without aid or help from me bring about anything no matter what.  Anything to be done utter in ordinary speech to me, express and exchange your thoughts with me, together we describe your will in writing and communicate by letter to others.

This power is not to be ignored, mental inherent ability sent from your head, all that you desire or intend must have actual being and present itself, cannot be kept away or from occurring by anything that breathe, hindered or stopped from doing or happening by my power, and cannot be denied by me. All requested by you in my name denial is not allowed, my permission to engage in unrestrained liberty of action, a license executed by me.

Understand clear and certain the time and date of actual performance of all I have put in my power given a written account without use of unclear expressions to avoid direct answer or in order to mislead, unquestionable, unmistakable, and with my certainty the time I will intervene with force.

Life, Peace and Love