The Supreme Power of my Anointed Infinite Mind in written form is permitted to be put into circulation, issued, shown, published, broadcast everywhere, in the United States of America pointing out the way and directing all on a proper course of life, and in every part of the world causing all having life to follow the Single Supreme Authority of the Eternal Kingship of Life, Peace, and Love.

The head of every human body that touches the feelings and arouses emotions affecting the way all persons behaves or acts, forming in the mind and holding as one’s opinion all written, directing one’s eyes to the Knowledge of Life knowing or realizing its being in accordance with experience, facts, or reality.

I have perceived or sensed the problems of those without a reason for hope, crying for solution out of bondage under the control of oppressive and unjust governments, of people grouped together because of certain likenesses or common traits, of the same race, or having economic class in common unnaturally living separated.

The recently exposed confused interests of citizens, disorder of federal, state, and local governments causing disagreement between or among the people, and the Unity of America being destroyed by partiality in favor of some or prejudice against others is a system of government without worth or merit, and that evaluation, impression, or estimation I put within the mind of all native, naturalized, and illegal inhabitants of the United States of America.