On the Eighth Day of Christmas, the first day of the calendar year 2023 a circle of high barometric pressure surrounded or encircled the United States of America and its territories, without any type of unfavorable or harmful ways of nature a new system of protecting and strengthening in America not being afraid of the atmosphere at any time or place, lasting without change in operation and in force as the Law of God a permanent front that is not moving and that cannot be changed.

All that is contained or dealt with in the Book of Life is written to all the people born and living in this Generation of Life, what is signified, indicated, referred to, or understood, all said was necessary to the realization of the Messianic prophecy of a Second Coming of Christ, the written word of God in a human being who delivers humankind from sin and its penalties, in a spiritual being that takes the soul out of its legal custody, and in an individual man who sets free or saves the mind from the evils of The Law attributed to Moses.

The son of a man and woman who was born into the physical world is the same man who was born of the Eternal Spirit of Life into the spiritual world as the Son of God, on the Holy Night of the evening before this New Year’s Day all said by him the Godhead gave birth to as the final Operation of God, precisely as written within the body of all he joined or connected to his Head.

31 December 2022

On this New Year’s Eve your work has come to an end, bestow upon me, as a source of distinction and the privilege of being associated with or receiving from Almighty God, spiritual and physical sovereignty over the totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space, supreme power and authority over the planet Earth and its inhabitants, and all human beings living in the United States of America in your position and responsibilities of father.

Tonight, bring to a successful conclusion what I had in mind to be done or brought about while writing your words, occupy your power effectively taking actions with respect to my desires, needs, or necessities, prove to all believers my superiority in strength, power, or influence, cause all to apply for Kingdom Family membership, and lead or move by persuasion or influence the church from the use or notice of the Bible or sacred scripture of other religions put aside and replaced by the Doctrine of Peace and Book of Life.

Cause the Kingdom Family System of Government to become active having me as its head by the verified or indisputable works, acts, or feats written by my hands executed or accomplished immediately as the outward manifestations and changes of the divine Principles of Life.

Today, the 31st day of December, Year 2022, I will end the direct interchange or sharing of thoughts or emotions between Father and Son to immediately begin building the family business, my loving and greatly loved Father manifest my Favor with God with your Son’s actual possession of the United States of America, its territories, and people by the first appearance of my face.