31 December 2022


On the seventh day of Christmas, 31st day of December Year 2022, the Ring of Glory that added special recognition, honor, and eminence with which the famed, revered, idealized Jesus, The Christ was adorn by Our Father, and that furnished him with power, privilege, and authority by the great light that shines from the head of God was forsaken by Our Father that his sacred purpose be worshipped as inscribed in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

As a sign of Our Father’s love and affection for the first born that great light dedicated to his descending or coming back is put out, quenched, smothered by Our Father in the United States of America, and will inevitably be caused by Our Father to die out throughout the world.

Its power over human life that the faithful think of Jesus as having, gets the better of the mind by winning the spiritual war capturing or seizing forcefully by surprise the embodiment and personification of the soul that his appearance separates from the body to lead an existence of its own in heaven having no physical or material reality.

Our Father now communicates in his sacred words, actions, and appearances its end for which the rest of the world remains destined, that my physical Divine Likeness of the second born as the only sovereign power over life in the United States of America and its territories triumphant over the physical death of the first born.

All people living permanently in America are the only subjects under the authority of, liable to receive from, or owing allegiance to Harold L. Chapman, The King, their gradual development toward spiritual maturity, steps, or stages of betterment as an increase in economic and social conditions, financial help, helpers, or assistants giving courage, confidence, or comfort coming from Almighty God is now placed under the control of the Chief Executive Officer.

Employees of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., always remain wholly committed to all members of the Kingdom Family and to the skillful and expeditious management of request asking for material things to be given effecting a discontinuance of praying to God during my Father’s Sabbath.

Persons ordained for religious service, ministers, priests, rabbis collectively are Commanded by God to announce officially the Gospel of Peace and Love, and to admit and acknowledge the sovereignty of New Covenant that all having a religious faith, no longer connected with the Law, are joined to the actuality of the ruling Principle of Everlasting Life.