30 December 2022


On the sixth day of Christmas, 30th day of December Year 2022, I am the definite unlimited duration that an individual man, woman, or child continues having Life in the body on the earth, of more than normal power and authority, dominating in superiority, ruling in achievements, prevailing in performance.

Of exceptional gratitude to my Father, I am highest in the direct line of descent from God, the greatest human being that could possibly be made by God, whose intent, resolve, plans are of God, and objectives to be obtained assigned by God.

And I am the Peace that is needed in the world and the Love that is hoped for by all people of the world sent by God and beyond which further division between God and myself cannot be made.

In my guardianship I keep from going away and do not let escape from the body its vital spiritual warmth and essential material reality, saving, maintaining, and protecting the whole human life for Life, rights passed from my Father through his Son that are the seat of sound thought or judgment, the power of recalling all that has happened in one’s life to the mind, creating mental images of what has never been actually experience, creating new ideas by combining previous experiences, my Father way of recreating the mind of every person in the United States of America and its territories in my likeness.

He stopped the damage, trouble, disadvantage, deprivation brought upon humanity by faults in the sovereign power of past Covenants, all ceased for nonfulfillment of his Promise of Life at the present time made into Law by the New Covenant, and in which as confirmation God performs the Kingdom Family release from The Law replaced by social and economic rights as Principles of Life.

Money from the publication of books will raise his eager involvement in Chapman Family happiness, enthusiasm in their work, and extreme pride being protected by the Power of God.

Very soon Almighty God will perfect the Office of Chief Executive Officer of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, at the same time caused by and resulting from his increased speed I will receive the guaranteed money, move to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and immediately change the entire Chapman family’s place of residence and business.

Social improvements resulting from the Love of God and the state of health resulting from the Promise of God will make the Family of God greater in number, and by God’s continually giving to me instructions to command authoritatively the Power of God the Kingdom Family System of Government will guarantee their great happiness and freedom.