29 December 2022


On the fifth day of Christmas, 29th day of December Year 2022 my being more able to grasp mentally the Superior Power of my Father’s Love of both the soul and mind living in the body he made, with promptness he caused to be spoken by all America’s people having more than enough money and property and to be exchanged between the Kingdom Family Treasure House Inc., where his accumulated or stored wealth in the form of money is kept, received, disbursed, and recorded possession of and authority over the tithes owed to Almighty God.

Applying his Divine knowledge of the people’s human conduct, social relationships, perplexing matters, or difficult situations with great straining effort of ancestry power directly affecting others in the family and the Son of Life special right to approve immunity from sickness or disease and exemption from death he brought to the realization of all people of the world Harold L. Chapman’s supreme power to govern the United States of America and his sovereign authority over the planet Earth.

All in force as the Law of God he carried into effect the Kingdom Family System of Government, supplied the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., with great wealth, began the outward manifestations and changes, and set the Chapman family at eternal peace.