28 December 2022


On the fourth day of Christmas, 28th day of December Year 2022 by my natural power of hearing the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of my Father, capacity for development into my Father, possibility of becoming my Father, close or fixed attention to the Will of my Father, for the extent in time I continue to live and have actual being in my body on the earth, based on or suggested by people or events of the past, the greatest amount of money ever personally or individually owned or controlled without stopping, continually or continuously happening and turning out as planned begin coming automatically and permanently.

The exclusive right to the publication, production, or sale of the rights to my books for a literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic work and my Son’s commercial music label are agreed to be fulfill by my Father to an author, composer, artist, distributor of his choice, the copyright or other rights are controlled by my Father, and the one acquired for production as a film is authorized, produced, and directed as chosen by my Father.

Things owned by the Kingdom Family Treasure House as possessions and real estate held as personal property by the Chapman family, the specific piece of land or real estate chosen by me as a residence, other riches, the quality of appealing to the general public, accepted among all people, and very well-liked by all friends and acquaintances is my Father’s first choice, giving priority and advantage to Harold L. Chapman to make valid the Prince of Peace, strengthen the Son of Life, establish the Chief Executive Officer, giving support and favor to the Eternal King.

The activities of the Chapman family’s material journey have begun, their successful building of the family business has gotten under way, the Promise of God for their health, happiness, prosperity, and safekeeping is given, and the order for the reality of gifts of money and for change of all family members residences is issued or executed to make certain or guarantee the supreme happiness of the favored of Life.

The Office of God the Father as a higher level of importance, financial security, move to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, business contracts, and the purpose for which the Kingdom Family Treasure House must plan for, or outcome aimed at my Father turned over to the Chief Executive Officer.