27 December 2022


On the third day of Christmas, 27th day of December Year 2022 the Seed of Life appeared as real, was understood fully, and came into reality, a public unfolding to the mind of messenger of God signaling the moment when a new portion of human life began, having a strong effect on what all who has a religious faith thinks they forced a willingness to be guided by unyielding sternness, not turning aside from the Principle of Everlasting Life, strictly defined, accurately stated, speaking definitely, not deviating in content.

The guiding Spirit of Angels who received Everlasting Life in Heaven through Faith suffering a loss in status to be received on Earth as by inheritance in the midst of all families living in the United States of America, whose power of understanding holding always to the same Principles of Life brings into notice an emotional reliance on the sureness, certainty, assurance of their keen perception or clear understanding of the inner nature of Life, all having a firm belief in the sincerity, genuineness, honesty of the prudent sayings or teachings of their dead relatives.

The same bodily outward resemblance of a family member who have died, seemingly having life, in actual Continuance of Being, not extreme in interpretation, immoderate in meaning, or excessive in explaining that Harold L. Chapman is right, fair, equitable, and impartial in doing the matters or affairs of Life, Peace, and Love, all done in the United States of America by Life, his Father, Almighty God.