25 December 2022


Every 25th day of December look forward to as helping believers to always remember The Birth of Jesus, The Christ, the First Son of God, in spite of this particular Christmas Day the Doctrine of Peace, Kingdom Family Treasure House websites, and the outward semblance of the Second Son of God presented itself, published to everything that carry on respiration to live.

A reminder to all people once a year of the eight days in which the material or bodily form of the Eternal Spirit of Life changed, transformed, converted the Heavens and the Earth that God created in six days, from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day seen by or apparent to everything having Life as a joyful heavenly celebration proceeding my induction into the Office of the Eternal King.

The first day of Christmas a time of celebrating on the earth that the final Operation of God came into things that exists, the entire Chapman family lighted up, all needed by the Chief Executive Officer made ready, all promised to the Chapman family furnished, and that I took upon myself, entered into as a task, and continually engaged in performing the increase in Kingdom Family membership.

All expressed in the Book of Life executed, carried out, done, produced, or accomplished by the physical power and strength of the New Covenant, the work of Harold L. Chapman made known, the Resurrection perceived, and the darkness of obscurity, ignorance, sinfulness removed or replaced by the public awareness of my Knowledge of Life as Light, under a red sky all done in the United States of America by the Father of all reborn by my transfusion of the Blood of Life.