August 9, 2023

On this 9th day of August Year 2023 the United States of America and all its inhabitants I received and admitted into the written agreement and promise made under seal between Life, Peace, and Love and Harold L. Chapman for the performance of all uttered from the mouth of God to be written down by the hands of the Son of God.

Shielded from destruction and under divine protection defending all states and territories, I put into full execution and exerted forcibly the six nights, the time of rest, eight uninterrupted days of your written accounts, material form to all said by you within the agreed three-day performance timetable is done.

The Son of Life is known by everything that breathe, Doctrine of Peace and Kingdom Family Treasure House websites are viewed publicly, the active presence of God in human life constituting the Power of God reached all believers and clergy, the Angels of God appeared before all living human beings, and recurring everyday night change into daytime accompanied by a red sky providing twenty-four hours of daylight.

All promised of God to humans is paid in full on this third day of the three-calendar day performance timetable, the physical operation of the new covenant is now the law of the world and in the United States of America enforced as the Law of God.